Our research lab, located in the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife at Oregon State University, focuses on the dynamic and complex interactions that regulate life in aquatic habitats.

Both M.S. and Ph.D. students explore pertinent environmental issues threatening biological diversity and ecosystem function using theoretical and quantitative techniques. We use amphibian systems to answer our ecology-based queries, but believe that the scientific question should dictate the model system, not the other way around.

We appreciate a diverse working environment and integrate educational and applied aspects into our research.



We are developing a YouTube Channel of videos taken during field and experimental studies. Check us out! 


To celebrate the Centennial anniversary of the National Park Service, parks across the country conducted BioBlitzes to rapidly survey a wide array of taxa. We participated in the BioBlitz at Mount Rainier National Park as Team Amphibian and found 8 species in 8 hours!
The Garcia Lab recently returned from the annual meeting of the Society for Northwestern Vertebrate Biology (SNVB) in Portland. Two of our very own received scholarships! Danielle Nelson recieved the 3-Sigma Institute Scholarship and Jenny Urbina received SNVB's Student Scholarship. Congratulations!
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